About Us

Who’s that Lady?

I do things my way. The thrill of being ‘Me’ is energetically empowering.

I thrive on being unique. I’m that lady who loves standing out in a crowd.

I don’t blend in; I stand out! You will notice me. Not in a loud, boisterous way but a quiet elegance manner.

Who’s that Lady? I’m that Lady who has a strong dislike for following the status quo. I dress according to my style and taste, and not the current trend.

  • Are you that Lady who has reached the stage of life’s journal in which you have identified and completely embraced who you are?
  • Are you that Lady who can care less about what they say and more about being your authentic self?

Welcome, Queen-Sistha to Blacqueladi Styles.

At Blacqueladi Style, we create handcrafted eclectic and culturally lavish Afrocentric Bohemian style jewelry and accessories for ladies like you who dare to be her own Shero! 

Be that Lady! 

Create your Own Universe and Rock it!

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